What did you think was the biggest hurdle for man to explore the empty reaches of space? Faster than light travel? Interstellar navigation? Time dilation?
Puh. We beat all that by sheer force of will.
It was micrometeoroids.
Fucking space rocks.

Antigravel is a mix between Heinlein, John Scalzi but mostly influenced by Iain Banks’ Culture novels, though with a larger focus on humans. It’s funny, deep, insane, imaginative and out of this world.


An award-winning short story, available both in ebook and in a chilling audio perfomance.

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Girl Gone Nova

When an alien princess arrives, a jaded celebrity handler has to keep her happy. But will he manage to get through her visit, when catering to her spoiled needs is the only way to prevent her from exploding the Earth, when rebels are trying to assassinate her and when he starts to seriously fall in love with her?

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A Thousand Eves

Y The Last Man meets Passengers in this generation-spanning space story.

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Where a Spaceship Goes to Die

The story is about Delphine, a woman who accepts a job of fishing out treasure from the bottom of the ocean from a downed alien spaceship.

Shit hits the fan. Obviously.

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Press Any Key to Destroy the Galaxy

An immovable object stands in the way of the Galactic Emperor Jarrl. He has waged siege against his arch-nemesis for a thousand years, but the barrier still stands. Now, he has come up with a plan to put the immovable object’s name to the test, and lay waste to his enemies. Will his plan work? Will he manage to obliterate his foes? Will he press the big red button to destroy a galaxy?

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Press Any Key to Destroy the Earth

The Destroyer of Earth did not set out to be one. A perfect storm of catastrophes, a touch of hubris and a lot of human ingenuity, and you get yourself deeper than ever. The button has been pressed, the world is in ruins. Will humanity figure out how to survive?

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Tiny but deadly…