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Our currently published Audiobooks you can listen to right away:

I wish the story was a bit longer for sure but as a teaser it’s great. The narrator was fabulous, she made you want to continue to listen to (the) rest of the story. Tammy on Audible

Listen to Heartbreaker With a Free Trial!Get Heartbreaker As a Current Audible MemberGet It On Audible UKGet Heartbreaker On iTunes


Loved it. Worth(while) listening time but too short. I loved the reader’s style who did much more to bring the story and characters to life, much better than my own imagination. Roberta Vengley on Audible

Listen to Crying Over Spilt Light With a Free Trial!Get Crying Over Spilt Light As a Current Audible MemberGet It On Audible UKGet Crying Over Spilt Light On iTunes


Mr. White as narrator blows it out of the water, it is a shame this is so short I really got into his voices and then it was over. His characters are well thought out with many different tones that make this a delight to listen. I found myself laughing not so much at the story but the voices he came up with. Cyn on Audible

Listen to Press Any Key To Destroy The Galaxy With a Free Trial!Get Press Any Key To Destroy The Galaxy As a Current Audible MemberGet It On Audible UKListen to Press Any Key To Destroy The Galaxy on iTunes


Very funny retelling of a Christmas Carol beautifully performed with perfect timing and inflection. An audiobook easily worth the price. Anonymous Audible Reviewer

Listen to The Impossible Quest With a Free Trial!Get The Impossible Quest As a Current Audible MemberGet It On Audible UKGet The Impossible Quest On iTunes

A short, sardonic horror story about real life and social media, the monologue perfectly executed by (the) narrator, Barry Shannon. His beautifully intoned and enunciated performance make this really chilling. Norma Miles on Audible UK

Listen to You Have Too Many Friends With a Free Trial!Get You Have Too Many Friends As a Current Audible MemberGet You Have Too Many Friends On Audible UKGet it On iTunes