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Best Time to Start Listening to Audiobooks is Now!

Normally I don’t endorse getting into a closed ecosystem of a big brand, but with audiobooks it’s different. There’s not much out there in way of alternatives, and audiobooks are bulky enough to be a pain to manage. Audible has made a great system to buy, try, gift and listen to audiobooks all day across all your devices.

Don’t drink and drive, get high on literature instead!

And now, for the corporate self-made holiday that is shoved down our throats whether we want to or not, there is Prime Day. Yay! Or not.

Anyway, it’s a great way to test out Audible. I have a subscription. You can have one too. At a discount, too (It’s worth it).

Prime Members get 40{3c8f4da9b128660293e5267e2f10c9f1bd8d9182b4c5f363c0a5386c1d86bb3b} off Audible Membership from June 29, 2017 through July 11, 2017

And we can give you some audiobooks for free! Really. Just get an account, head on to our Audiobooks page and ask for the title you want. We’ll gift it to you.

Go on.

2 thoughts on “Best Time to Start Listening to Audiobooks is Now!

  1. Finally, a place where I can do my rant against Audible. I’ve been listening to audiobooks for years, and I’m very used to Books on Tape or Recorded Books and such. They have breaks between tracks at ends of chapters and such, making it very easy to go back to where you were on your next trip. They end the disc at a stopping point of the chapter or story, and the next disc starts with the next track, not a repeat of what was at the end of the previous disc. Audible switches discs in the middle of sentences! I absolutely hate copying Audible discs to take in my truck, whereas I had no objection to copying library discs and taking those with me if I couldn’t get the story done within the library loan period.

    1. I’m sure a tablet or something would work best in your case.

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