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Get the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Book Deals

Get everything on the Smashwords catalogue for 50% off, use the coupon code: FG56H

It’s Black Friday again this year, whatever the hell that is. So, we have plenty of deals for you this time as well.

Basically, you can get everything on Smashwords for 50% off and all the products on the Mythography shop at 2.99 euro or less. It’s a massive sale across many stories and formats, ebook and audiobook, plus something extra.

The Mythography artwork is 30% off on Artstation, find it all here.

Midas Online

When a simple goldfarmer stumbles on the map of the last unclaimed piece of land, he decides to finally attempt his dream and become a Midas. But will he manage to reach the mythical Antidorado and transmute it into gold and riches, when the other Midases want to stop him at all costs, when he’s burdened with a newbie goldfarmer who has a knack for getting herself into trouble, and when the secrets of this world get uncovered along his journey and become too heavy to bear?

Countdown Deal

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Cyber Monday will have an extra special sale.

Get 50% off on my store during the Cyber Days Sale on the ArtStation Marketplace from November 26 – December 2!

Buy on the Mythography Shop for ridiculously good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

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