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Read Our Love Stories

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Gorgocutie sure does!

It’s time for love once again. Get our sale at the mythography shop.

Here are some of our love stories:

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Check Out the New Look and the Mythography Pages

Follow these pages for even more Mythography

Here’s a list of sites and facebook pages you can follow for even cooler stuff, such as character art, special offers, short stories and other tidbits from our series.

The Mythography Galaxy:

Mythography Studios: Website and Shop / Facebook / Twitter / Merch Shop / Prints Shop / Videogames on Core / Tumblr / Reddit / Payhip / Opensea

Certified Mythographers: Facebook Group / Discord Chat / Agora

Mythology memes: 9gods / Facebook / Twitter/ Tumblr / Reddit

George Saoulidis: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Patreon / SubscribeStar / Goodreads / Twitter / DeviantArt / Artstation / VK / Bandcamp / Youtube / Tik Tok / Tumblr / Goodreads Author Group / George Saoulidis Creator Group

Antigravel: Website / Facebook Page / Tumblr

Gorgocutie: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / OnlyFans / Tik Tok / Tumblr

Mean Gods: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Tushy Reaper Facebook / 7 Deadly Roommates Facebook / Tumblr

Cyberpink Tournament: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Tumblr

Nanodaemons: Website / Facebook Page / Tumblr

Futagen: Website / Facebook Page/ Eudora the Cyber Girl Facebook Page / Tank Girls / Parasite Girls / Tumblr

Book Series: The Halloween Raid Facebook Page / Midas Online Facebook Page / Tushy Reaper Facebook Page / Cyberpunk Fairy Tales Facebook Page

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Read Our Christmas Stories!

From George’s blog:

Over the years I’ve written some Christmas specials for my characters, and also written some retellings of classic Christmas fairytales.

Get the Christmas Sale on Smashwords:

The Christmas Smashwords sale is on! Grab all my books on discount, as deep as 75%! Get them all here

Here are the fairy tale retellings:

Read the cyberpunk fairy tales in a handy box set.

The Impossible Quest of Hailing a Taxi on Christmas Eve

A Greek cyberpunk retelling of Scrooge.

Read it here

The Little Match Girl

A cyberpunk retelling of the classic fairy tale.

Read it here

Nanodaemons: The Fir Smart-Tree

A retelling of the classic Fir Tree fairy tale with cyberpunk sentient programs. Read it here

And these are the Christmas Specials so far with my various characters:

Cyber Girls: Christmas Balls

Eudora the cyborg influencer has a sexy romp during a Christmas event! Read it here.

Pickle Pie: Midnight Cravings

Pickle has the munchies during a Christmas midnight. Read it here.

Also, here are Christmas pinups of my characters!

Cherry Pie Christmas Pinup
Pickle and Cherry Christmas
Buko Pie Christmas Pinup
Mamacita Christmas Pinup
Tushy Reaper Christmas Pinup.
Rocket Girls Mila Christmas Pinup
Luxuria Christmas Pinup
Luxuria Christmas Pinup
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Get the 2022 Valentine’s Sale on Our Love Stories!

Can sci-fi and love stories mix? They sure can in the Mythography books!

Get them all at 50% off for Valentine’s sale! the coupon is automatically applied at checkout.

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Get the Christmas Sales on All the Mythography Stuff!

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Black Friday Sale!

It’s that time of the year again for mindless consumerism. You know, the one before the Christmas time of mindless consumerism.

You can get all of our stories at 50% off on our shop! Oh my gods. For real.

Find them here

What other Black Friday offers are there?

Well, you can get the 3D printed statue of Satoshi Nakamoto that George designed. This dude is the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin. Order it at 10% off on our partner shop, GoBrrr

You can also check out the Artstation prints sale for the Mythography artwork.

And you can get the Raretoshi NFT art sale at

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Ingenuity Found a Martian!

The little helicopter we sent on Mars took flight and spotted a Martian!

Okay, not really. April fools joke. The Martian helicopter is gearing up and getting ready to fly in a few days. Imagine if it found life out there?

You can get the art from this momentous event in print on Artstation.

You can even own the NFT on OpenSea.

Ingenuity and the base Mars rover, Perseverance are on their way to Mars. For the first time ever, they are built specifically to search for life on the Red Planet. Maybe we’ll get lucky?

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Grab All the Stories in the Read an Ebook Smashwords Sale

Hello Mythographers,

It’s time again for the Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords. It’s a massive sale where you can get lots of ebooks to binge on, including most of our catalogue.

Read an Ebook Week is an international celebration of ebooks, and it’s the longest running annual sale at Smashwords.

Read an Ebook Week runs March 7 through March 13

Find our stories on Smashwords at 50% off.

Find the entire Read an Ebook Sale on Smashwords.

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You Can Now Leave a Review on Your Favourite Story!

You can leave a quick review on the story you like at our shop. Here are the instructions:

  1. Make sure you’re signed up and logged in. If not, just register here.
  2. Visit the product page, e.g. Pickle Pie.
  3. Click on the Reviews tab under the product picture. Here’s an example.
  4. Hit a star rating that you think is fair, type a review (just a few words will suffice) and hit Submit.

That’s it!

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You Can Now Spend Your Bitcoin In Our Shop In Exchange for Wonderful Stuff

The Mythography shop has the option of paying with Bitcoin now. The process is a bit clunky, and the payment is not automatic so you’ll need to wait for us to verify it before sending you the goods. But it’s doable!

We also added a few major Altcoins, so we accept:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

These are the major ones and we don’t like to mess with too many cryptowallets for now. We know that it’s inevitable that someone will ask us to put some other Altcoin from the thousands that are out there, but frankly it seems not worth the trouble. Those four are stable enough to be used as intended.

So, yeah. Use your cryptocurrency during checkout to get the coolest stuff from our shop, it’s right here