Hire a Muse

Crying Over Spilt Light

Crying Over Spilt Light

Hire A Muse, Get A Nobel Prize

Ex Machina meets A Beautiful Mind in this mind-bending sci-fi thriller.

On the verge of abandoning his life-long project, an obsessive physicist hires the innovative service of an android Muse to help him finish his work. But when things start to go missing from his life, he must learn that not all is worth sacrificing on the altar of science before he has nothing left to live for.

From ScifiSelect: A mind bending thriller on the very concept of inspiration.

From Luke Daniel: The book, while short, is unique and a true work of literacy.

Aimee McNeil: …this book had a cold brilliance that I really appreciated…

From Samie Sands: The plot is fast paced, dark, exciting and gripping. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended!

From Deanna Stanley: Creepy. It induced some seriously troubled sleep, much like Ex Machina did.

Do you want to know what’s next for poor-but-brilliant Yanni? Do you wanna meet the Muse? Then read this unique sci-fi thriller that toys with the very concept of inspiration.
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Slow Up

How Fast Can You Think?

Limitless meets Black Mirror in this novel that pushes the limits of a couple’s minds.

When Galene meets a man who’s only goal in life is to make his mind go faster, she ends up falling for him. But will she manage to keep the relationship going at the top of the glass tower, when in reality she’s too much of a slob and is bogged down with all her unfinished goals, when their age difference becomes too much of a problem, and when his work places them in the sights of an unforgiving huntress?

Do you want to know what’s next for the computer geek Galene? Do you wanna meet Artemis? Then read this bittersweet story in a world where thinking too swiftly can get you killed.

This is Book 2 of the Hire a Muse series.

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