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Download Your Mythography 2021 Calendar

Here’s a calendar with many of our characters for 2021! Feel free to download and use it or share it with your friends.

Download the PDF here.

Here’s the edible version on the Mythography Zazzle store. You can make variations, bigger, smaller, whatever’s available.

Order the print calendar from the Mythography Zazzle Store. (You might need to set the Content filter to Off at the bottom of the Zazzle store)

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Check Out the New Look and the Mythography Pages

Follow these pages for even more Mythography

Here’s a list of sites and facebook pages you can follow for even cooler stuff, such as character art, special offers, short stories and other tidbits from our series.

The Mythography Galaxy:

Mythography Studios: Website and Shop / Facebook / Twitter / Merch Shop / Prints Shop / Videogames on Core / Tumblr / Reddit / Payhip / Opensea

Certified Mythographers: Facebook Group / Discord Chat / Agora

Mythology memes: 9gods / Facebook / Twitter/ Tumblr / Reddit

George Saoulidis: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Patreon / SubscribeStar / Goodreads / Twitter / DeviantArt / Artstation / VK / Bandcamp / Youtube / Tik Tok / Tumblr / Goodreads Author Group / George Saoulidis Creator Group

Antigravel: Website / Facebook Page / Tumblr

Gorgocutie: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / OnlyFans / Tik Tok / Tumblr

Mean Gods: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Tushy Reaper Facebook / 7 Deadly Roommates Facebook / Tumblr

Cyberpink Tournament: Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Tumblr

Nanodaemons: Website / Facebook Page / Tumblr

Futagen: Website / Facebook Page/ Eudora the Cyber Girl Facebook Page / Tank Girls / Parasite Girls / Tumblr

Book Series: The Halloween Raid Facebook Page / Midas Online Facebook Page / Tushy Reaper Facebook Page / Cyberpunk Fairy Tales Facebook Page