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Read Our Christmas Stories!

From George’s blog:

Over the years I’ve written some Christmas specials for my characters, and also written some retellings of classic Christmas fairytales.

Get the Christmas Sale on Smashwords:

The Christmas Smashwords sale is on! Grab all my books on discount, as deep as 75%! Get them all here

Here are the fairy tale retellings:

Read the cyberpunk fairy tales in a handy box set.

The Impossible Quest of Hailing a Taxi on Christmas Eve

A Greek cyberpunk retelling of Scrooge.

Read it here

The Little Match Girl

A cyberpunk retelling of the classic fairy tale.

Read it here

Nanodaemons: The Fir Smart-Tree

A retelling of the classic Fir Tree fairy tale with cyberpunk sentient programs. Read it here

And these are the Christmas Specials so far with my various characters:

Cyber Girls: Christmas Balls

Eudora the cyborg influencer has a sexy romp during a Christmas event! Read it here.

Pickle Pie: Midnight Cravings

Pickle has the munchies during a Christmas midnight. Read it here.

Also, here are Christmas pinups of my characters!

Cherry Pie Christmas Pinup
Pickle and Cherry Christmas
Buko Pie Christmas Pinup
Mamacita Christmas Pinup
Tushy Reaper Christmas Pinup.
Rocket Girls Mila Christmas Pinup
Luxuria Christmas Pinup
Luxuria Christmas Pinup
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Get the 2022 Valentine’s Sale on Our Love Stories!

Can sci-fi and love stories mix? They sure can in the Mythography books!

Get them all at 50% off for Valentine’s sale! the coupon is automatically applied at checkout.

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Black Friday Sale!

It’s that time of the year again for mindless consumerism. You know, the one before the Christmas time of mindless consumerism.

You can get all of our stories at 50% off on our shop! Oh my gods. For real.

Find them here

What other Black Friday offers are there?

Well, you can get the 3D printed statue of Satoshi Nakamoto that George designed. This dude is the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin. Order it at 10% off on our partner shop, GoBrrr

You can also check out the Artstation prints sale for the Mythography artwork.

And you can get the Raretoshi NFT art sale at

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Ingenuity Found a Martian!

The little helicopter we sent on Mars took flight and spotted a Martian!

Okay, not really. April fools joke. The Martian helicopter is gearing up and getting ready to fly in a few days. Imagine if it found life out there?

You can get the art from this momentous event in print on Artstation.

You can even own the NFT on OpenSea.

Ingenuity and the base Mars rover, Perseverance are on their way to Mars. For the first time ever, they are built specifically to search for life on the Red Planet. Maybe we’ll get lucky?

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We Have (Some) Audiobook Codes to Give Away Again

The Author’s Direct system changed up their reach and now we have codes that are active in:

Giveaway Codes can be redeemed by listeners in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

Due to the recent change in Audible, we simply removed the code claim forms from our site. But now we need to make it work again.

In the meantime, just send an email to

The available audiobooks are:

  • Spitwrite Box Set
  • Santa Fight Club
  • Featherline
  • Cherry Pie
  • Cyber Girls Box Set: Influencer Books 1-5
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Celebrating 50.000 likes on our Facebook Page With a Spooky Sale!

We never expected to get such a popular facebook page, but it happened. To thank all our fans, we’re running a spooky sale of 50% off on our shop.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

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Let’s Celebrate Mythic Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and we decided to celebrate it in our own way. We made a tag and everything #mythicwomensday.

Be it goddesses of Olympus, monsters that prey on heroes’ flesh or tragic seers that warn others of catastrophes, women have always played an important part in Greek mythology.

Yeah, men didn’t really treat them well. Zeus was the prime bad example. But despite all that they managed to inspire us through the centuries.

Since we have plenty of stories with female protagonists, let’s take a look at some you might like.

Mythic Heroine Warrior Archetype: Amazon

The Amazons were the bad girls in plenty of Greek myths. Pretty much everybody fought them, Hercules, gods, demigods. Feared and respected as warriors, they are used in our stories as a powerful private army under the wing of CEO Artemis.

Read about Aura, renamed as Amazon Antioche (She who goes against the city.)

Lesser Goddess Archetype: Eris

Eris is the goddess of Discord. She’s famous for presenting the golden apple to the Olympian goddesses that said “To the fairest” and inciting the most epic catfight in mythology. In our stories she’s a tornado of a woman, always peppy and smiling, bringing breakups to couples Uber-style.

Read about Eris.

Lesser Goddess Archetype: Muse

The muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. There are plenty of them strolling around the gods in Olympus. You’ve already met Ourania, the Muse of Astronomy and Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy. In our stories they are androids (gynoids more specifically) that supervise the projects of the Olympian CEOs and are assigned wards to inspire and help with cutting-edge innovation.

Read the stories with the Muses.

Lesser Goddess Archetype: Kyveli

The meaning of the name Cybele/Kyveli is unknown, possibly from Phrygian roots meaning either “stone” or “hair”. This was the name of the Phrygian mother goddess associated with fertility and nature. She was later worshipped by the Greeks and Romans. In our story she’s an alien princess that can blow up when agitated and take the planet with her.

Read about Kyveli

Mythological Monster Archetype: Gorgon Evryali

The Gorgon sister of Medusa. She was an immortal unlike Medusa. All three have the hair of living, venomous snakes. Known for her bellowing cries and of course her petrifying gaze. In our stories, Evryali is a pianist that puts men and women under an enchantment and makes them love her unconditionally.

Read about Evryali.

Mythological Monster Archetype: Erinyes (Furies)

Erinyes were beings that tormented those that committed the most heinous of crimes. A manifestation of guilt, they chased people forever. In our stories, Erinyes show up from the guilt of a narcissistic teenager and appear through technology to torment her every 108 minutes.

Read about Erinyes.

Mythological Heroine Archetype: Hellenic Witch

Witches were plentiful in ancient Greece. The Hellenic Witch was one with nature and the goddesses Demeter and Persephone, initiated into secrets like Eleusinian Mysteries and the prophesies of Delfi. In our stories, the witches try to live normal lives in the Athens of today, using the wonders of technology along with the arcane practices of the goddesses.

Read about Hellenic Witches.

Comment about which Mythic Woman archetype you like best, or what inspires you.