During his travels in Libya, George found Medusa alone in a cave overlooking the seashore. Remembering his mythology, he used the reflective surface of his phone to look at her and have a chat in a desperate effort to avoid getting petrified. Turns out, she was very happy to finally get to talk to somebody!

He asked her how she could possibly still be alive, since it is well known that she is the mortal one of her sisters. Medusa told him about Athena’s curse, which is eternal. Due to Medusa’s recent popularity in popular culture, she has been born again, only to live with the same curse (katara.) She never really wanted to harm people so she stayed hidden and away from civilization.

George offered to arrange her travel back to an undisclosed location in the outskirts of Athens, where she lives in a nice house and uses the internet to interact with people.

Going by the handle Gorgocutie and with the clever use of selfie drones and other gadgets, she seems to enjoy her new life as the first demigoddess influencer.

Meet Gorgocutie. She’s a real, or mythological, cutie.

Visit gorgocutie.com or find her on Instagram.