Pay With Crypto

Right now we’re quite possibly the most technologically-advanced entertainment house in Greece. To that end, we accept cryptocurrency payments on our shop. For now, the following coins are accepted:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Address 3BEDvGUpwvREj4QV6eBdpPuLxFhY8TBrjh
  • Lightning network activated (Just choose OpenNode option at checkout).
  • Litecoin (LTC) Address MQUhm65m6Z3EGecyKbvktCH6kiTMHfSnvH
  • BNB (BEP20 (BSC)) Address 0x58d93ac33c17f505c5ab787b52ab8762d9d4cb31


List of NFT galleries where you can find our artwork:

Find our galleries on Raretoshi, an NFT marketplace running on Liquid BTC.

We’re trying out the NFT marketplace on Binance. You can find all our NFTs here

Also, cool avatars for your profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter and other! Find them here:

Sphinx Chat Tribe: Mythography Studios

Get into our Sphinx Chat tribe with bitcoin lightning and enjoy ebooks and artwork. Here are the details, bring your friends too:

Mythography Studios Sphinx Chat invite:

NFTs You Can Add to Your Collection

Also, we’re experimenting with NFTs. Our collection on OpenSea is here.