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Ditch the Glasses

Tired of having to wear your Shared Augmented Reality glasses all the time?

Now you can swap them out for our new Veil-enabled® cybereyes. Just save your spot in line, giving Apollo Medical permission to access your stored medical data and assess your compatibility with the program. Then, when you get the acceptance email, just visit your nearest Apollo Clinic and swap those pairs of orbs out!

With Apollo Cybereyes® you get:

  • Always-on, 5G broadband connection to the Veil*.
  • Crisp lens clarity, almost like the real thing!
  • Free surgery and installation if you bring your old pair of Hermes Veilglasses® and exchange them for the new Apollo Cybereyes®. Just like cashback, only better.
  • Your choice of any natural eye colour as well as extreme ones so you can stand out from the rest.
  • To use them underwater.
  • To access people’s public Agora profile automatically, anytime, anywhere!
  • To record, live-stream or take snapshots with default gestures and programmable commands.
  • To connect to your Personal Area Network with your phone and other implanted/wearable devices for maximum compatibility.

Hurry up and sign up

*By signing up to the free Apollo Cybereyes® you agree to the use of your field of view for promotional material.

1 thought on “Ditch the Glasses

  1. It was an April Fool’s joke, of course. I’m sure you clicked the ad just out of curiosity, so I didn’t want to lead you down a dead end.
    The cybereyes operation is how the Nanodaemons story starts on the very first chapter, and it only goes crazier after that.
    The cybereyes are how people access the veil in the God Complex Universe, the Shared Augmented Reality that shows internet data linked to actual locations, people and objects.
    And of course, they’re free for everyone. All you have to do is sign away your personal field of view for some unobtrusive advertising.

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