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Do You Enjoy Instafreebie? Get the App as Well!

Many of you have used Instafreebie as a way to discover new authors and book series to read.

Now, they have announced a phone app that honestly works really well.

  • The great thing about it is that it lets you load forgotten books you may have claimed.
  • The second best thing about it is that you don’t need to sideload files and mess with technical stuff, the app handles the loading itself. (In Android for example, it places the book directly into your Google Books folder for easy access.)

Get the Instafreebie Android or iPhone App

The steps are easy:

  1. Install the app
  2. Claim a book from Instafreebie
  3. Check your email for the code, like the picture below
  4. Copy/paste the code into the IF app
  5. Enjoy all your claimed catalogue!
At the bottom of your claimed book from Instafreebie you’ll find a code.

The process is quite easy, the app is clean and fast, and the reading experience is the same as you’d expect from any other e-reading app. It may be missing a few features but it makes up for it in ease and functionality.

Here are some titles you can claim from our list:

6 thoughts on “Do You Enjoy Instafreebie? Get the App as Well!

  1. Problem is, I can’t find the app now that I downloaded it…..

    1. That happened to me as well! It’s a very inconspicuous icon.

  2. Not a chance, recent changes took instafreebie from being tedious to being horrific on a laptop. Hopefully it is dreadful enough now to convince authors to make the switch to faster, simpler, more effective services like bookfunnel.

    1. We authors actually use both. I’m not using bookfunnel right now cause of reasons, but it’s good for delivering files to the reader.

  3. Is there a trick to get the IF app on a Kindle? I have Bookfunnel and it works great but google won’t download it..

    1. Not sure, you should ask Instafreebie support to implement this.

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