Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If it’s not answered here, feel free to email us at mythographystudios@gmail.com

Why am I staring at this bottle? Credit: Scavenger by ValentinaKallias
Why am I staring at this bottle? Credit:Scavenger by ValentinaKallias

Why did you point me to this page?

You probably asked something that is answered here.

What do Greek gods have to do with Science Fiction?

We just think it’s a cool combination. Several people seem to like it.

Why are you writing Greek stories in English? Shouldn’t you write them in Greek?

Yes, in fact it would be much easier. But the choice was made for mass internet reach, not for xenolatry.

Okay, but why are there Greek words in there?

For flavour.

Where can I find the Mythography stories?

Pretty much everywhere around the globe. You can find our titles here:

Why is the Mythography Store priced in Euro? I only use dollars.

You can get all the titles on Amazon and all US stores. This question is always about USD, funny how that happens.

I don’t like this book.

You are welcome to ask for a refund from the store you got it from. And then move along.

This story is offensive to my religion

The stories are not meant to offend any religion, belief or god. If you feel that your established thousand-year-old faith is threatened by a bunch of ebooks that came out last year, then a) You give us too much credit, and b) Feel free to ignore them completely, for they are just fiction.

Do you believe in the Dodecatheon? What about the Greek Gods?

Nope. And nope. Once again, it’s fiction.

This book is too violent/sexy/offensive.

You are free to ignore our titles. In fact, those same attributes could be considered selling points for other people. Read our post about the ideal reader.

What do I get by joining the Mythographers Newsletter?

You get three ebooks for free, upon signup. You become the very first to learn about upcoming titles and special offers. You become part of an awesome group of people who enjoy Greek drama, science fiction and far-out stories of megalomania and epic feats. We send you frequent cool stuff to check out, book recommendations, coupons for discounts, and much more. Join now.

Why aren’t your products DRM protected?

Here’s our ideology on DRM protection. Short version is: We don’t like it.

So what’s stopping me from sending the file to someone?

Nothing. But we do hope you’ll appreciate our efforts and purchase something else.

The price on X was different last time I looked.

We experiment with prices all the time.

The title X was longer/shorter/different when I read it.

We actually change and update all titles constantly.

One web page says one thing, the other page says another. Which one is true?

Send us an email. We probably just forgot to update something in-between all the changes.

I signed up for the Mythographers but I’m not getting any emails!

Check your spam folder. Add us (topsecret@mythographystudios.com) to your contact list, so that your email client recognizes us as friendly and doesn’t shoot on sight. Or, simply do the sign up again, your address may have been removed by accident.

Why was I banned from the Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc?

We have zero-tolerance for crazy behaviour.

Were you joking on that tweet/post/email? I can’t tell.

I probably was. People have called my humor wry, and perhaps warped. Or was that my ex? Hmm, can’t remember.