Found an error? Tell us here!

Yes I did.
Yes we did.

Did you find a grammatical error in our books? A blaring scientifical omission, that haunts your dreams and doesn’t let you sleep like a baby at night? Did something happen in our movies that was not supposed to happen? Did OMG-I-dare-not-speak-of-it the boom mic show on the frame?

Then tell us about it! Just comment below and we will fix what is fixable.

You will help us greatly and yourself will have a feeling of satisfaction that no future reader/viewer will have to suffer the pains you did.

We will also love you forever. That counts for something, right? No? Then send us an email too on so we can send you a freebie (discount coupon, free book, pics of kisses, something). But also comment on this page because we like to revel in our mistakes.

Hit the comment forms!

2 thoughts on “Found an error? Tell us here!

  1. Very strange??? I clicked on the survey in the email. It brought me to the page with the result but no survey. Did you really want me to take the survey???

    1. It’s possible you’ve done the survey before and it remembered you. Or someone with the same IP did it before. It’s no big deal.

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