We’ve been planning to turn some of our stories into videogames for quite some time now. You should expect some casual games on Core and some visual novels on RenPy.

Everything is in Beta, meaning have patience and just turn it off if it doesn’t work right.

You can try out Demeter Greens if you want something casual or if you want to murder your friends over the Apple of Discord, you can do that too.

Click here to find all our games on Core. Free to play, login and download required.

Agora (Social Hub)

A place for the Mythographers to hang out, play games, chat and socialise! Just like the Greek Agora.

Some of these games are multiplayer. Invite your friends or find other Mythographers to play with! Start with Agora, a social hub that is calm and relaxing. Through that you can chat, meet, and enter our other games.

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Hang out with the Certified Mythographers on our Facebook group and Discord server.

Cyberpink Tournament

Blood Runs Pink

The Cyberpink Tournament, a fast-paced gladiatorial match that’s the game of the future.
Based on a mix of the jugger game and the classic capture the flag, you’re supposed to grab the scull from the middle of the field and survive all the way to the opposite side to score a point.
Can you handle the heat?

Play now on Core

Based on the Cyberpink stories at


The drones are out of control in this cyberpunk shooter game! You’re a Dronehunter by trade, stealing the contents of the delivery drones through various means, hacking, netting etc. But what happens when you get too greedy with snatching delivery drones and the corporation decides you’re more trouble than the insurance claims? This happens. Survive the killer drones and shoot them out of the sky!

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Read the short story Dronehunter for some extra lore at

Janissary War

Play against other soldiers in this Middle-Eastern setting.

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Demeter Greens

A farming clone with some minor edits. Want something casual and relaxing? This is for you.

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Apple of Discord

Do you want to murder your friends over the Apple of Discord? Then this is the game for you.

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Minotaur Mania

This one is deceptively simple but it’s quite hard. It’s a random maze every time, and even though you can see from above, it’s still very hard to finish. There’s a Minoan minotaur head looking down on you. Can you finish the maze? A Minotaur can do it.

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Waiting in Line

Not a game. Just an atmospheric experience.

Waiting in Line to Get Your Soul Weighed Up Against a Feather. Based on the short story by George Saoulidis. (Read it here)

So, you died.

What’s next?

Apparently, you get to wait in line.

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