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Hire a Muse, Get a Nobel Prize

Easy as pi!

The novella Crying Over Spilt Light takes us on a surreal journey of a man’s quest for a scientific breakthrough.

Funny thing is, at the day we announce it officially this science article pops up:

New device could lead to computers thousands of times faster

This real scientific breakthrough uses physical honeycomb constructs to bend light, whereas Yanni, our bright but poor physicist in the novella attempts to use Maxwell’s light knots.

You can read the book here:

spilt light cover 3d small
What if you could hire your own personal Muse?

It is available on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords (if they ever get around to publishing it).

As always, this is a story about the god complex, the drive of a man to prove himself immortal. In this case by taking a place in scientific history, and why not, a Nobel prize?


What do you think, Mythographer?

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