Image Credits

We respect our fellow creators and always try to give proper credit in both our commercial uses and social media posts. That is not always possible and it’s difficult to keep track of everything, so if you happen to notice a missing credit, please let us know.

Commercially used under CC 4.0 license and others

MGD Films 3D Scan – Cupcake

Skulls vector pattern/ Cupcakes Party Background/ Dragon Background, all from Background vector created by freepik –

Backgrounds from

Non-Commercial Use

Here are the credits for the pictures we use for non-commercial purposes.

These artists, models and photographers are simply put, awesome and you will find their name or link under each picture (if blank, the page is constantly being updated).

Buy their prints, share their art, hire them for work because they make the world a better place through the act of creation. 


You can find the sound effects attributions on this page.

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