Learn the Lingo (If it’s Greek to You)

Our books contain the conscious decision of including a tiny bit of Greek, you know, for flavour. Just like olive oil.

You can probably google it yourself but I took the liberty of listing our swear words, because then I can point people to the “Swear Word Thesaurus®.” Who else gets to do that, huh?

  • Skata. Means “shit.” You probably already guessed it by the strategic use of the word in various shit-involving expressions, like “It all went to skata.”
  • Vlakas. Means “stupid,” “idiot.” For reasons that don’t exist in English, depending on the use the “s” is omitted and you might see it as vlaka.
  • Yasou. Not a curse, quite the opposite. It means “hello,” and it literally means “To your health.”
  • Ya. An abbreviation of the above Yasou.
  • Hybris. Transliterated spelling of hubris.
  • Malaka. It’s probably the only word I don’t need to list here, but I will do so for SEO keyword relevancy. It means “wanker.”
  • Gamoto. Means “Fuck!” with the exclamation.
  • Timi. Not a swear word. Means “honor.”
  • Kala. Means “fine,” “well.
  • Nai. Means “yes.”
  • Ohi. Means “no.
  • Kalimera. Means “goodmorning.”
  • Kalinixta. Means “goodnight.”
  • Poutana. Means “whore.”
  • Apodeixis. Means scientific/mathematical proof.
  • Aderfi. Means “sister.”
  • Cochleus. Another version of cochlea.
  • Daskala. Means “teacher.”
  • Pentovola. Means “five stones.” An ancient Greek game kids played with five rounded stones. Still being played in Cyprus.
  • Pentalepto. Means “five minutes.”

This page is constantly updated.

Here’s a more comprehensive list we found.

Did I forget something? Make sure to ask in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Learn the Lingo (If it’s Greek to You)

  1. Erm, I thought malaka meant wa*k*r…or so I was told by a work-colleague many years ago! Hehehe

    1. Yes, wanker is more appropriate actually!

  2. I wish you had more books available! I read LOTS OF BOOKS! Unfortunately, I must limit my expenses severely, so I can’t buy everything I want (darn!). I prefer urban fantasy and romantic fantasy, but some sci fi is good.

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