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New Cyberpunk Paperbacks Available!

Hey, no one said you can’t browse instagram while reading

Just like we said on our End of the Year Course Correction post, we’ve published two titles in paperback format! And we do what we say dammit, even if it’s only half the time.

So, here they are, two of our best stories in sniffable, tearable, lickable format:

Or you can just go download them right now like the impatient dude or dudette you are:

1 thought on “New Cyberpunk Paperbacks Available!

  1. […] I’ve finally gotten around to publishing two of my most popular stories on paperback. It’s all in Amazon Print on Demand. I know that goes against my general ideology of being available wide, but I have to consider the ROI of the time spent on these. Visit the post on Mythography. […]

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