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This bundle contains everything, all the stories we’ve published


This is everything in a single download. Contains DRM-free Mobi and ePub files of every story we have so far.


  • The God Complex Universe
  • The Antigravel Universe

The original bundle is over 50 euro in total, and we’re giving this to the best fans for just 25.

Updated March 2018

Incomplete list as of 2018:

  1. A Thousand Eves
  2. Aristotle’s Recipe for Disaster
  3. BOO! A Halloween Story
  4. Cosmophobia
  5. Crying Over Spilt Light
  6. Cyberpunk Fairy Tales
  7. Erinyes
  8. Girl Gone Nova
  9. Gorgonise Me
  10. Have You Seen My Drone?
  11. Heartbreaker Eps. 1&2
  12. How to 3D Print a God
  13. Lead Greece Well or Die Horribly
  14. Life Coach
  15. Loveless Ada
  16. Maniai Case File 1: The Girl and the Blood Slide
  17. Myth Gods Tech
  18. Nanodaemons
  19. Press any Key to Destroy the Galaxy
  20. Press any Key to Destroy the Earth
  21. Slow Up
  22. Loveless Ada: Swipe Left
  23. The Gods are Back in Town
  24. The Impossible Quest of Hailing a Taxi on Christmas Eve
  25. You Have Too Many Friends

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