Featherline (Audiobook)



A collection of #spitwrite stories.


  • Waiting in Line to Get Your Soul Weighed Up Against a Feather
  • Hyperpyramid
  • Loveless Ada: The Luggage Disaster
  • Take the Purple Pill
  • Selenography
  • Vote Yes on Dragon Control
  • Digital Fang
  • Roast Broccoli in Plasma for 2 Seconds
  • The Clockwork Riot vs the Little Kiosk on the Sidewalk
  • The Little Match Girl
  • Case of the Mondays
  • Slumber Party
  • The Infinite Mirror
  • Time of Waste
  • Red Glasses Club
  • Healing Aura Overkill
  • The Sun is on Fire
  • Gravity Flux
  • Cyberpink: The Diamond Armour
  • The Kiss of the Sphinx
  • After Life on Social Media
  • Portals to Nowhere
  • Dronehunter
  • Kimono Coconut
  • Immortal Baggage

This is book 4 of the Spitwrite series.


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