A collection of spitwrite stories.


A collection of #spitwrite stories.

  • The Imiteles Space Station
  • The Garbage Cube
  • The Recovery Building
  • Looking Down on People From Atop a Big-Ass Mecha
  • The Hologram Riot
  • Waifu Wedding
  • A Self-Driving Car Named Desire
  • Viking Shipbuilding
  • Chain Inaction
  • Adiadne’s String
  • Shrooming is Serious Business
  • Robo Dune
  • The Godfather
  • Zeppelin City
  • Dysmorphia
  • Jellyspace
  • Utopia Needs U
  • Don’t Sleep
  • Pagophilic
  • Tickle My Pickle
  • Meat the Aliens
  • The Hole City
  • Chucking Moon Rocks on the Back of my Pickup Truck
  • Euclidia
  • The Root of the Problem
  • Time-Travel Traffic is the Worst Kind of Traffic
  • Beware the Rains
  • The Cupcake Ingredient
  • Choose Your Own God
  • Crayon Warfare
  • The Lighthouse at the Edge of the Galaxy
  • Whoopsie Daisy
  • Ten Kilos Till Christmas

This is book 2 of the Spitwrite series.


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