A Short Story Collection


A collection of #spitwrite stories.

  • Technosphere
  • The Last Stargunner
  • Metal Fever
  • Hot Jupiter
  • Nanodaemons: The Fir Smart-Tree
  • It is Sometimes an Appropriate Response to Reality to Just Go Insane
  • Love is a Car Wreck
  • Simming Problem, My Ass
  • Custody Battle for Little Johnny
  • Santa Fight Club
  • The Red Holidays
  • Just Take a Nap
  • Sex, Lies and Propaganda
  • Acquisition Time
  • Smog City: A Girl and a Gun
  • The Rebirth of Capitalism
  • Nyx It
  • Alien Animal Control
  • Killing Blind
  • That’s No Dinosaur Egg!
  • Big, Round Snowballs
  • The Last Kakistocrat
  • On Pointe All Day Long
  • Loveless Ada: Swipe Left
  • Shadow Dimension
  • Mount Faithful
  • Reprogram the President
  • Divide and Shatter
  • Wake Up and Smell the Turkish Coffee
  • The Left Hand of Agnes
  • The Luggage Disaster

This is book 3 of the Spitwrite series.


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