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This Is Your Last Chance, Kindle Unlimited Readers

To keep it short, dear readers, this is your last chance to show us if Kindle Unlimited is worth it for us. We’ve enrolled all of our novels in KU, and you can go and binge right now:

Read KU titles on Amazon US

Read KU titles on Amazon UK

That was the short version. Now for the longer one:

In case you don’t know, Kindle Unlimited is an amazing program where writers enroll their titles and can be discovered and binged by readers in it. It’s great, it really is. But, it requires exclusivity. And that’s a shame because no matter how big Amazon is, it doesn’t reach everywhere in the world. Even worse, not all people want to shop on Amazon.

It’s part of our philosophy to offer our titles to everyone worldwide. So, exclusivity has been a big no-no for us. But, we’re data-driven people. And we haven’t really tested KU for our titles yet, not in the scale we’re at now with thousands of Mythographers worldwide.

So, for this enrollment period, which is 3 months until November, you will be able to read our titles in KU. If you are a reader of this program, now is the time to binge through everything we have and tell your friends. We need to see some real action, otherwise we’re going back to being widely available. And we’re talking real action, not just a tiny bump in readers.

Convince us.

That’s all. Go. Binge. Tell your friends. And we’ll see where the stats take us.

Yeah, it doesn’t look good. Apart from a single title, the rest are lackluster. Just 2 weeks into this experiment and it’s obvious it’s not working for us. We’ll see as we get more data.

4 thoughts on “This Is Your Last Chance, Kindle Unlimited Readers

  1. i read my kindle exclusively. I very rarely read anything where I have to pay for the book, or I purchase $.99 books. I went this way because I read so fast, I cannot keep up money wise, and I cannot get to the library. If I order a book thru the library, I have to wait weeks on it. So, my $10 a month keeps me full, and I work very hard at saving the free books to read. I collect all the free ones given out by authors like you, and I read them. I very much enjoy them. My budget loves them also.

    1. It’s completely understandable, and that’s why we’re testing it out. Thank you for telling us your reading habits, it helps.

  2. I am a kindle unlimited member…but I am unsure for how much longer. I HAVE FOUND A PROGRAM I LIKE MUCH BETTER…with more titles and audiobooks on my wishlist..and it’s a dollar a month cheaper. SCRIB’D. Not sure about exclusivity..but its a great little app and works on a kindle as well you just have to download the apk file instead of going straight through the Amazon app store. Anyone else using SCRIB’D out there?

    1. Yes, we distribute to Scribd. All our Non-KU titles are available there.

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