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What Did You Think Of This Sci-fi Novella?

Promotion ended

We have began a new partnership with StoryCartel. You can get Crying Over Spilt Light over there for free for a few more days. After that, an honest review is appreciated.

Don't Cry Little Guy...
Don’t Cry Little Guy…

Why such a big deal on reviews?

Reviews make sure people see what other readers have thought of the book. Those little stars have a big impact on readers searching for something new. Sure, you know what a Stephen King novel might read like, or you have some expectations for the new Harry Potter novels, but when a writer is not well known he needs all the help he can get.

Reviews can be short, don’t think of them as critic’s bylines. Just write down what you thought of the story, if it moved you, if you wanna read more. Click the star rating. And submit. Simple as that.

Where should I review books?

Anywhere you like. To be honest, the ones that make the biggest difference to us are the Amazon reviews and the Goodreads ones.

Click here to review Crying Over Spilt Light on Amazon.

Click here to review Crying Over Spilt Light on Goodreads.

Obviously, you can review on the platform that you bought the ebook on.

How many stars would you like?

All of them. All quadrillion of’em. Even those lame brown dwarf ones.

Why the heck should I read this novella?

Because it is a tale of hybris and scientific struggle, wrapped around a sexy Muse sci-fi story.

Where can I get it?

For a few more days, on Storycartel for free. Just click here.

1 thought on “What Did You Think Of This Sci-fi Novella?

  1. I need more time to read the books I download. Sometimes I may not get to them for months (sorry) I’ve been told I have too many and too varied interests and hobbies and should stick to just one or two but that would be too boring

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