Pay With Crypto

Right now we’re quite possibly the most technologically-advanced entertainment house in Greece. To that end, we accept cryptocurrency payments on our shop. For now, the following coins are accepted (We prefer bitcoin):


List of NFT galleries where you can find our artwork:

What in Athena’s Name Are NFT eBooks Anyway?

Here’s a little trailer:

We have paperbacks, audiobooks, and of course ebooks. Carrying on with our tradition of massive innovation, we now have NFT eBooks for sale!
Buy them, collect them, read them, sell them.
Do whatever you want with your personal-use token and it’s all legal.
The NFT ebooks that are available are:

Sphinx Chat Tribe: Mythography Studios

Get into our Sphinx Chat tribe with bitcoin lightning and enjoy ebooks and artwork. Here are the details, bring your friends too:

Mythography Studios Sphinx Chat invite:

NFTs You Can Add to Your Collection

Also, we’re experimenting with NFTs. Our collection on OpenSea is here.